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Extensión (Plug-in) ShareThis para b2evolution 2.4.x


Sharethis es un sencillo pero muy útil servicio que nos permite agregar un botoncito para darle a nuestros lectores la oportunidad de enviar el contenido en nuestras páginas web a distintas redes sociales y servicios de marcadores en línea, tales como Facebook, Digg, Mené (en español), StumbleUpon y un largo etcétera.

La gente de Sharethis ofrece extensiones para varias plataformas bitacoreras populares, tales como Blogger, Wordpress y Typepad, pero como de costumbre, b2evolution no es tomada en cuenta, quizás por los pocos que la usamos.

Para no quedarme con los brazos cruzados, decidí hace unas semanas escribir una pequeña extensión o plug-in para b2evolution que agregara la funcionalidad de Sharethis a mis bitácoras y aquí lo pongo a disposición de mis colegas "b2-bitacoreros":

Sharethis Plugin for b2evolution 2.4.x

Es tan fácil como descargar el archivo ZIP, desempacarlo dentro del directorio plugins/ de tu bitácora e instalarlo desde el panel de control.

Parámetros de configuración

Para que la extensión funcione correctamente hay que configurar un par de parámetros desde el panel de control o backoffice. Bueno, en realidad hace falta configurar un sólo parámetro que es la identificación de editor (publisher ID) proporcionada por Sharethis cuando uno se registra. Este parámetro es una cadena de 36 caracteres del tipo: 03f2a089-44c7-4110-821a-5121f0ed76a9 y uno la obtiene en la página de configuración de Sharethis (el texto que viene después de publisher= en el código javascript.

El segundo parámetro es la lista de servicios que uno desea que aparezcan en el recuadro cuando el usuario presiona "ShareThis" y uno la obtiene desde el mismo lugar. Para beneficio propio y de los bitacoreros hispanoparlantes he incluido a mené en la lista por omisión, pero si no te gusta, no "tienes que comértelo" y lo puedes cambiar a discreción desde el panel de control.

Sharethis plugin for b2evolution

Esta información en español

I'm happy to present the Sharethis plugin for b2evolution 2.4.x.

What is sharethis? A nice button to allow your readers to post your content to multiple social bookmarking sites, like facebook, digg, meneame, etc. Furthermore you'll have upon registration on sharethis, nice statistics about click-through rates and other goodies.

This plugin will add a Sharethis button to your posts. Just that.

Installation and Setup

Installation and setup is fairly easy.

  1. Donwload the ZIP file which contains the Plugin: Sharethis Plugin for b2evolution 2.4.x
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file on your server's plugins/ directory
  3. Go to your Backoffice and activate the plugin
  4. There are two parameters to setup after activation, the first one is your publisher ID, which you get upon registration at ShareThis. The second one is the comma-separated list of services you want to appear when the user clicks the button. If this list is empty, the default 20 services will be used.
  5. After this, you will notice a new checkbox when you're in the editor ShareThis, which is activated by default. This will put the ShareThis button in your new posts. If you don't want this behavior, go to the plugin settings and select "opt-in", or "opt-out" for "Apply Rendering" option.

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15 comentarios

Comentario De: Walter Cruz [Visitante]
Walter CruzOuch! I was working on sharethis port too!
i think that we can share some code ;)

In my plugin, I have made it a stealth renderer.. I don't know what is the better, opt-in or stealth... I have copied the ak_uuid from the original plugin (GPL code), so the user can use the share this without have to register itself on sharethis site. Let's talk about it!
07.08.08 @ 14:38
Comentario De: Larry [Miembro] Correo electrónico
LarryHi Walter, I'm sorry that also happened to me several days ago with an autocomplete tags plugin.

I don't know what's a "stealth" renderer, probably that's why I set the way I did. In any case, I'll give a look at your code when I have a little bit of time.
08.08.08 @ 06:22
Comentario De: Walter Cruz [Visitante]
Walter CruzWhere can I fin this autocomplete tag plugin?

A stealth renderer is a renderer that is applied to all items, and the user can´t change this. In my plugin settings, I had almost the same settings as in the wordpress plugin. I could select to apply share this on all post or all pages, ant it should be applied to all posts and pages, cause it´s a stealth plugin :)

(Can I speak on portuguese? It will take the my life easier :) )
08.08.08 @ 20:30
Comentario De: Larry [Miembro] Correo electrónico
LarryWalter, sí, puedes hablar en portugués (y tener la esperanza que yo entienda :). El autocomplete tags no lo he publicado, lo he estado probando por una semana y ¥åßßå tienen un plugin que hace (casi) lo mismo y se llama "Predicting Tags" (
09.08.08 @ 04:11
JC John SESE-CunetaA minor layout problem, maybe the plugin will need an extra line break or put it within a container or something to make sure it goes below.

Visit my site and look for CHEAP iCafe Investment.... I can't put my link here, your anti-spam is too strict :P hehe.

good job!!

19.08.08 @ 02:47
JC John SESE-CunetaBy the way, just noticed that it doesn't apply to post type "Page".

How can I make it so that it shows up in post type "Page" as well?

Visit my blog and click on "PH-Online Games List" as a sample. ^_^

20.08.08 @ 03:11
Comentario De: Larry [Miembro] Correo electrónico
Larry@JC, the button is enclosed in a <div class="sharethis"> so in principle you could apply CSS styles to it, but I see your point with the post metadata not directly below the post content.

On the forums, someone pointed this out also, I had not thought about it. In a future release, there will be a SkinTag and everything, so you can put it wherever you like without problems.

As to the Pages, you are right. You can comment out about line 114 where it says:

if ( $item_type != 1 ) /* don't do it for links */ return $content ;

and I think it will be able to put the button on every kind of post.
21.08.08 @ 03:02
Comentario De: Ron Perel [Visitante]
Ron PerelI installed the plugin per above and activated it in the back office but I cannot see where to do this:

There are two parameters to setup after activation, the first one is your publisher ID, which you get upon registration at ShareThis. The second one is the comma-separated list of services you want to appear when the user clicks the button. If this list is empty, the default 20 services will be used.
07.10.08 @ 11:22
Comentario De: Nelson [Visitante]
NelsonHow can I get this to show up on the posts broken up by " read more?"

Sometimes it doesn't show up on the posts even after to click to read the whole thing.
05.03.09 @ 00:15
Comentario De: Gerard [Visitante] Correo electrónico
GerardAl instalar este plug-in in B2evo 2.4.6 el sistema genera el siguiente mensaje:

Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated; If you would like to pass it by reference, modify the declaration of [runtime function name](). If you would like to enable call-time pass-by-reference, you can set
allow_call_time_pass_reference to true in your INI file in /home/content/g/e/r/gerardprins/html/blog/plugins/sharethis_plugin/_sharethis.plugin.php on line 100

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at

/home/content/g/e/r/gerardprins/html/blog/plugins/sharethis_plugin/_sharethis.plugin.php:100) in

/home/content/g/e/r/gerardprins/html/blog/skins_adm/ on line 40

28.04.09 @ 17:40
Comentario De: Gerard [Visitante]
GerardSomebody, anybody???
03.06.09 @ 19:49
Comentario De: Ralf Kleineisel [Visitante]
Ralf KleineiselHi,

the setup for the ShareThis-Plugin is in the "Global" section of b2evolution. I have different users on my b2evolution installation who administer different blogs. Therefore I'd need different ShareThis-accounts for each of them. Is it possible to move the configuration of the plugin into the "Blog settings"-"Plugin settings" section?
05.07.10 @ 03:25
Comentario De: Larry [Miembro] Correo electrónico
LarryHallo Ralf,

I have that feature in my "todo list". HOwever, I cannot give you a timeframe for implementation at this point. Very busy with other stuff. I will keep you posted when I have something new on this.

05.07.10 @ 05:17
Comentario De: Ethan [Visitante]
EthanAny way to utilize this on Intro-Main posts in addition to standard posts?
28.03.11 @ 17:20
Comentario De: Zante [Visitante]
ZanteHow do we get this plugin to use the different layouts on the sharethis website?

I like seeing the separate buttons for each social network. :]
11.07.11 @ 09:16

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